Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Mysteries of Number 7

Since time immemorial, number 7 continued to be a mystery for everybody. No scientific community ever tried to chase the mysteries of this number. No one will be able to find them in future too. This article enlightens you on some of the known mysteries of number 7.

The scientific community of the world has been trying for years together to chase the mysteries of the Universe. Some astronomers find new stars and solar systems and name them differently. Some find new planets and try to do some research on their motions.

At every point of time, certain new things in different spheres of scientific arena are also found and announced to the world as great achievements without knowing their proper significance and importance to the masses in general. But surprisingly no scientific community has been paying attention to one important mystery of this universe or earth.

The mystery is associated with number 7 and no one is trying to chase the mysteries associated with it. Some of the known mysteries of number 7 are as follows.

01. There are 7 colors in the rainbow.

02. Planet Earth is divided into 7 continents.

03. There are 7 seas forming part of planet Earth.

04. Any country in the world has only 7 week days.

05. In Islam,Allah sent total 124000 messengers to the world.According to numerology,this number is 1+2+4+0+0+0 = 7.

06. In the Holy Quran,there are 7 stages(manzil).

07. Our solar system contains only 7 physical planets that can exercise their influence on humanity.

08. Bible refers to 7 Churches and 7 Seals.

09. Egyptian Mythology refers to 7 Angels.

10. The ancient Greek Mythology talks about the 7 rays.

11. Gerald Massey's Lectures, originally published in 1900, point out the seven souls of man.

12. At marriage in Hindu traditional system, newly wed couples unite by taking a walk of 7 sacred steps around fire in the marriage ceremonies.

13. It is said that there are 7 look-alike persons for everyone including you and me.They can be any where.

14. Scientists long ago confirmed that biological changes take place in humans, male and female, once in every 7 years.

15. Hindu scriptures say that relationship between couples continues for 7 consecutive lives.

16. Bible refers to 7 deadly sins and virtues.

17. Again, Hindu scriptures talk about the astronomical zones of 7 sages that can be watched in the night skies with open eyes (Saptarshi Mandalams in Sanskrit).

18. The number of ayat in surat al-Fatiha.

19. The number of layers of the Earth in Islamic religion is seven.

20. The number of skies in Islamic religion is seven.

21. The number of circumambulations (Tawaf) that are made around the Kaaba.

22. The number of walks between Al-Safa and Al-Marwah mountains—that is travelling back and forth—seven times during the ritual pilgrimages of Hajj and Umrah.

23. The number of heavens in Islamic religion, i.e. levels in heaven.

24. The number of hells in hell is also seven i.e. levels in hell.

25. The number of doors to hell is seven (for heaven the number of doors is eight).

26. In Verse 12:46 (see Islamic view of Joseph) of the Quran, Joseph (Yusef) is asked to interpret the King's dream where seven fat cows were dreamt to have been devoured by seven skinny cows and seven green spikes, and others shrivelled.

27. The number of the big sins or vices is seven which are from a Hadith of the prophet Mohamed : "Avoid the seven sins polytheism, witchcraft, the killing of the soul which Allah has forbidden except by right, consuming riba, consuming the wealth of the orphan, to escape from the battles and slandering chaste women"

God made this universe in 7 days and it will end also in 7.


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