Wednesday, February 2, 2011

15 things to do while Stoned

Marijuana {called Mary-Jane for some alias} is the most illicit drug used worldwide.In Amsterdam,it is legal to smoke it only 25
grams inside the coffee bars which have a license by Dutch Government. In United States,it is illegal for recreational use,
but it is medically available if you got a doctor's prescription.

.Its damn true that the drug leads you to a new world of consciousness.Its effects include suffering from paranoia,increased heart beat ,dryness of mouth and muscle

If you are a pot-lover then is best to do the following things while stoned.

1. Watch Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

2. Jump off things

3. Go under water and open your eyes - Its 10x cooler when stoned

4. Shoot a gun

5. Watch History Channel about drugs

6. Walk in the woods during fall or even better, during winter with snow

7. Watch "The Matrix" its mind boggling when stoned

8. Talk to your siblings

9. Draw pictures

10. Play video games

11.Eat as many munchies your stomach can allow. :P

12.Sleep in front of neighbor's home.

13.Watch any other good damn fucking movie.

14.Listen to any random music.

15. Talk to someone on the phone.

Happy Stoning.!


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