Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Clickbank Vs Google Adsense Vs Facebook

Click Bank Vs Google Ad sense

Many internet marketers prefer Google Ad sense some say about Click Bank products & the newbies prefer Facebook but
today I will get a comparison of both Internet money making techniques.

My Special Calculation for Money Making for Facebook

Now Facebook allows friends == 5000
Now Each account have friends = 4000
How many accounts do you need?
May be 4-5
Lets calculate your traffic.

Each account' friends = 4000
No of accounts =5;

Traffic = 20,000
No ! As your each friend has average 100 friends according to Facebook.So your traffic will 20,000 * 100 = 200,000


How much time there is needed to submit to 20,000 friends

Now Each account lets say take 2 sec to submit.
2*20,000 = 40,000 sec

these will be 40,000/3600

It take you 11 hours to complete your task~

It means you do 11 hours in 30 days then ....

200,000 *30 = 60,00,000 People is your target traffic.

But only average 9 % open your post ,It depends on type of traffic your are generating or depends upon the content..

It makes you 600,000*.09 = 54,000 People will open your content.

then How many %age of average clicks on ads = 9%

54,000 *.09 = 4860 $ From Google Ads or any other.

If you are using Click Bank products then...

Out of 4860 people who open your content there will be only 1% of them
buying your Click Bank product.

It makes you approx 486 sold products .Then commission will be average
Average commission offered by click bank is 10.00 $
Then 486*10 = 4860 $ ...

Remember it is a difficult thing to make 486 people buying one thing
and makes 54000 people vulnerable to a ad -link.
The choice is yours.


redouane zerrouki on December 22, 2013 at 5:06 AM said...

I have a problem in facebook ....it told me to activate my account by phone number, I have 2 accounts, I search how to get phone number to verify your 5 or 6 accounts

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